Branko’s music

Hello, I am Branko. 

Today I want to tell you something about music. 

My favourite song is „Shape of you“ and my favourite singer is „Ed Sheeran“. His songs are beautiful. But I can’t play any instrument and I only listen to music. I can’t play any instrument and don’t like to play any. I really often listen to music because then I’m happy and motivated, I like rap, pop and classical music.These kinds of music are the best for me. And I like James Arthur,too because he was a normal person and some people liked a him. He is funny, friendly and his songs are beautiful. He doesn’t say bad words. He started to sing in „X factor“ and then people liked him and then he was a singer because he sings well. For me Ed Sheeran and James Arthur are the best singers and I like their songs. 

That was my text about music.


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