about Music #3

My favourite kind of music is rap music because I like it. I do not have any favourite singer because I listen to many singers. I listen to music every day because it is good. In a song there are many instruments. I listen to music when I do my homework or when I clean my room or when I am alone. Not all people like to listen to music but most of them like to listen to music. Not all people listen to the same kind of music. When I am sad, I listen to sad music. When I am happy, I listen to happy music. You can go to a concert and there you can listen to your favourite singer or to your favourite band. I listen to music at a birthday party or in my room or with friends outside. On a birthday party there we listen to happy music because we are dancing and so on. I like to listen rap music but I like to listen to classical music, too. I like to listen to music but I haven´t been to a concert yet. That was my text about music.

(Schülerin aus der Klasse 8b)

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