About music…

Hello Ms Wilczek,

This is my Text about music!

My text is about music:
My favourite kind of music is rap is especially German Rap. I listen to a lot of rap songs of  „Capital Bra“. A lot of of People don´t like it because the songs make use of a kind of bad language but a lot of people like this songs. Me too. My favourite song is „KUKU SLS“ and I listen to English Songs, too. I listen to Music every day, I can´t imagine a day without music. 
My favourite instruments are the guitar and the piano. I can´t play any instrument. Eight years ago I played the recorder. I can´t sing and I´m not in a band. My favourite English song  is „To My Parents“. There are a lot of songs that I listen to every day. I listen to German Songs, too.

(Schülerin aus der 8b)

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