Shania about music


Today I’ll tell you something about music. My favourite songs are:
Delil:“Money „
Azet:“Nike Pullover“
Eno: “Cane/Male/Mercedes 
All of these are German-rap songs.
 Most of all I listen to German-rap songs more than to English-rap songs.
The reason why I listen to music is that it makes me happy when I’m feeling sad or when I’m in a bad mood.
If I go to school then I always listen to music because that distracts me on the train.
I think people listen to music when they are bored or when they have nothing to do.
For me the „KMN-Gang“ is a good band and there are five members. The „KMN-Gang“ is a Hip-Hop crew from Dresden.
One of the members is Azet, he is from Albania and Azet songs are solo songs.
I don’t play an instrument.
I played the guitar for two years.

This was my presentation,I hope you like my text.

Shania, 8b

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