meeting Drake

Hello my name is Mr. Bens,

Last week I visited a concert of Drake in London with my father. Drake is the best rapper in the world and very popular. The concert was sold out because he is so famous. At the concert I wasn´t able to get close to the stage because it was so full and crowded. After the concert my dad and I went for a walk. Suddenly, I saw Drake with five bodyguards. I wasn´t allowed to take a picture with him. That is why I was so sad. Me and my dad had to take the bus home because it was already 10pm. At the hotel my dad and me ate a pizza with cheese. After that we went to bed. In the morning we had to go to the airport to get the plane. We saw Drake and I was finally allowed to take a picture with him. That made me very, very happy. 😊

Mr. Bens

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