Tuana about music

Hello, my name is Tuana and today I want to tell you something about music.

I can listen to music in all my moods.

If I´m happy I like to listen to pop music but when I’m sad I rather like it to listen to slower music. I like all different kinds of music. I listen to music everyday and every where with my headphones. My favourite American singer is „Beyonce“ and my favourite Turkish singer is „Hande Yener“.

And one of my unforgettable moments was when I was in a Concert this year and my favourite Turkish singer Hande Yener touched my hand and I was sooo happpy in this moment. My favourite instrument is the guitar because when Iwas younger I was able to play the guitar but I forgot how to do it: I would really like to be a singer or to play in a band but my voice is too bad.

Sometimes when I am taking a shower I think I am a star! HAHA because then I sing that loudly and my parents and my sisters are listening to me.


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