Thinking about songs

In the English lessons of Ms Wilczek we have a lot of fun. She explains us things very clearly and loudly. In one of our lessons a pupil asked her if we can sing our favourite song to start our lessons.
So we sang for months and weeks the song „Mercy“ by Shawn Mendes and we present it at stage at our school act „The moon returns“. After that song Ms Wilczek asked us if we want to sing „Shape of you“ by Ed Sheeran because the dancers performed the song. On the 6th July we performed Mercy“ and „Shape of you“. At the beginning of year 6 we had already sung the song „Wonderful World“ by Sam Cooke for our teacher Mrs Hönigs because it was her birthday! She was crying because it was so wonderful!
Ms Wilczek has got a dance group and you can announce for it! It is a lot of fun to dance with her!

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