Our English lesson

There are many different English teachers. You might have one teacher from your start at school till the end of the school in year 10. They teach you, so you get as good at English as they are. Also they are very kind and they will tell you to listen to them in class. There is a mouse called Tom Tiny that will help you during the years. You will also get a plush Tom Tiny for one or two years. After these years it will change. The English lessons will get harder each year.
Watching movies in English are a pretty good help to learn.If you don´t know the words you can translate them into German to know the words but make sure you keep them in mind. You will learn such things like present perfect, simple past, past participle and more! At the moment my English teacher is Ms Wilczek. She also gives dance lessons. She is very good at English and can explain stuff wonderfully – like the grammar. She also plays vocabulary games in class.

Charleen, 7b

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